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The dedication ritual

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The dedication ritual

Post by Dante Satanas on Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:00 pm

I've noticed quite a lot of questions about the dedication ritual in the e-groups so I've decided to make this little sermon/instruction guide/rant about it. i say rant because a lot of the questions are stupid or repetitive. I know, i know, there are no stupid questions.... unless you ask something that was already explained on the very website page that inspired your stupid question!!! So first things first... READ THIS WEB PAGE once you've done that then the rest of what i say should be stuff you've already known.

The most major stupid question i see is "I couldn't get much/any blood ... is it still valid?" Well, if you couldn't get much blood, but managed to sign your name with it, then congrats, you have officially done that part. But if you couldn't get any blood then no, it is not valid, you MUST sign your name in blood, for the blood binds your soul to Father Satan.

The next one I see is "I forgot to read the prayer out loud/in my head" or "I made spelling mistakes." Well don't make spelling mistakes, i mean come on, I know we are only human, but we are all destined to be gods/goddesses some day, start acting like it!! I'm sorry if that hurt some of your feelings, just call it constructive criticism. For the "forgetful" people, I know it's a stressful thing to do, especially if you are under a Xian household, but remember, you are dedicating yourself to the truth! the right (or should i say left Razz) path.

The third and final thing i will go off on... "I forgot to end with the HAIL SATAN!!" This is an important part, I remember a while ago a brother/sister posted in the e-groups that he/she had forgotten to end with the HAIL SATAN!!! And about a minute after he/she had put out the candles and his/her paper had stopped burning even though it didn't finish burning, he/she remembered and yelled HAIL SATAN!!! And the candles burst aflame and the paper finished burning. So i say this is a very important part of the dedication ritual.

Well that is about all i can remember, so if i missed anything, please don't hesitate to post a reply below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading Smile


Dante Satanas
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