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Unleash the hounds : )

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Unleash the hounds : )

Post by LossoCelo on Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:16 pm

We got a dumbfuck Xian for everyone to troll. He just made enough of a mistake to spam my facebook with his religious bullshit, thereby he's open game.

His name's scott myers.

Get on his facebook first pretending to be a farmville add. Then he's open game, we can unleash fury on him : ). Lets get him to a counselor.
(For reference I am offering that he seek a counselor because I believe he needs mental help. I do not intend to "Accidentally" cause mental harm to him. Though I do not reject the idea that you all have your freedoms ;P)


Hail Satan and the gods of hell.
We made our attempt.


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