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A little bit of a rant on the programming institute we all call "school"

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School, bullshit or not?

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A little bit of a rant on the programming institute we all call "school"

Post by Dante Satanas on Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:56 pm

Well, you all know I'm only 15 years old, therefore I am stuck in school. I have reached my breaking point because of one of the teachers I have.... He is a big fat fucking kike bastard!!! (excuse my language... but freedom of speech and all that) I wear a silver pentagram that is about an inch and a half in diameter and has a rose in the middle. What does this fuck face do? He stares right at it the entire class. The class is Algebra I, and is very easy for me. He hands out about one page a day (each day in his class is one and a half hours) that has about 10 questions, so i get it done in the first five minutes. So he finds it necessary to walk up to my desk on the opposite side of the room and just stand there staring at me, breathing heavily, then when i look at him he just says do your work, i say I'm done, and he walks away. I also have proof that he is racist towards Mexicans. There is this one Mexican in my class who, I'll admit, can be slightly as talkative as everyone else in the class -.- But every time she talks, Mr. Bermen (that's his name) deems it necessary to kick her out of the class, send her to administration, and threaten her with the cops.... And of course he has me separated from the entire class, despite the fact i have trouble seeing the board and my glasses got stolen. He even started yelling at the class in hebrew once.... So me being the "rebel" I am, I yelled back the one word i know in hebrew "tefahed" it means be afraid, and he shut right the fuck up!!

Well enough of my rant, that was pretty much just a long intro to the main point of this entire thread, to teach all of you to stand up for your rights!!!! First of all, never loose your temper, and always make sure you can get the law on your side. Remember there is freedom of religion in America (at least that's what we are told) If you feel a teacher/superior is discriminating against you due to your religion attempt to hold a civil discussion about it with said teacher/superior and see if it can be resolved, if not go to a guidance councilor/human resource worker and report it. Simple as that!!!

School is basically a programming institute for Xianity, even though they say there is no religion in school, we all know that's bullshit. For example the "moment of silence" is encouraging prayer, thereby discriminating against anyone who does not believe in Xianity. Also I have had teachers actually attempt to force students to pray during class... to quote the late great George Carlin, "It's all bullshit folks, and its bad for ya." I try not to pay attention during class, seeing as how they aren't doing what they should.... Schools should be teaching us how to think, not what to think. I'll say it again....


Dante Satanas
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