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How To Be Evil and Rule the World

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How To Be Evil and Rule the World

Post by Demonicvanguard on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:04 am

This is my adaptation of a former Temple of Set High Priest Donald Web's essay. I have eliminated some the Xeper Aeon quotes that do not necessarily relate to Spiritual Satanism. I have also modernized some of the references to make it more applicable to this day and age

1. Develop a strong memory.

This will aid in a variety of Lesser and Greater Black Magic and Satanic endeavors. In Lesser Black Magic (LBM) we know that leadership comes from position (you're the foreman and everyone listens to you), charisma (you've got a forceful personality or looks), or knowledge (you're the one everyone consults). Developing memory, which is largely a matter of practice,will open that third position. Become group historian. You'll be surprised at the control you have by simply remembering what was said, done, or what you read. As historian others will seek you to be sure you know their side of things, which provides a tremendous opportunity for manipulation. Finally, when your memory/knowledge becomes accepted as an authority, you can manipulate the past for your own best interests. The Greater Black Magic (GBM) uses of memory are beyond the scope of this essay. The accomplished magicians out there know what I mean -- for the beginners, developing memory for GBM is like developing leg muscles for ballet.

2. Develop a thick skin.

Don't get me wrong you can smite people on the other cheek all you want. Effective revenge requires intelligence and information about your target. Learn to let things bounce off. This way when your revenge comes, it comes from an unexpected source you strike at an undefended area. Likewise – if you're a serpent in hiding -- people will be careless around you. They won't watch what they say or reveal. Of course, putting off your revenge will give you time to reconsider. Perhaps the offender did his work out of stupidity rather than malice. Do not take revenge against the stupid. It is beneath you. Instead discover how to make the stupid one your tool. This not only saves energy (magical and otherwise) but increases your sphere of control in the world.

3. Develop instant sanctuaries.

A Satanist is in a state of constant stress. He/She is moving apart from the stream of the world. He/she has recognized and works with change as part of her being. To keep from wilting under the pressure, we need retreats -- points of rest and preservation. The Satanist must live strategically -- if it is a helpful metaphor, consider the world as a battlefield. Sanctuaries can be a safe place at work, a song invested with special meaning, or a picture of a friend or loved one. It can be anything that enables you to gather your forces and renew your focus. In the middle of a campaign you can shift your attention briefly to the sanctuary. Draw in a quiet cold breath (as though from the very womb of Hell) and return refreshed. Be content in your knowledge that your opponent lacks such places of power. Magicians wishing to explore the concepts of rest and preservation in a world of change are referred to Alvin Toffler's Future Shock and Eric Hoffer's The Ordeal of Change.

4. Recognize the possibility of immortality in seeming setbacks.

Many people along the path confuse magic with magical thinking. These people are
always expecting a trouble-free life: no flat tires, winning the big one, and
decidedly fewer red lights. Whereas the Left Hand Path often reveals its presence through beneficial synchronicity, we are still constrained by the natural order. One of the great mysteries of Satanism is how the inward force evolves through the medium of internal and external necessity. Necessity presents a challenge, for example we were overlooked for a job promotion. The magical thinker would go buy a spell kit. He waves his wand and sprinkles gold lodestone sand and holds his mouth just right. He attributes his failure to "having done the ritual wrong." We work to change the promotion process. When we have changed the process, we not only have performed the magical act of getting the job we want, but also we have changed an aspect of the world to reflect our internal order. We have put part of ourselves in the minds of others -- a functional part of ourselves has been placed in the world because we used the level the natural order presented us. This type of immortality (living on in the thoughts of others) is actually open to everyone. I sometimes weep that the RHP has stolen this truth from so many.

5. Detach yourself from the natural order by ending boredom.

Students of the Left Hand Path won't be surprised when I say that we spend most of our lives asleep. Being asleep means we are moved on by the world machine. The most deadening form of sleep is boredom. We can spend large amounts of time in the most banal activities -- reading yesterday's newspapers, slack-jawed watching of Sit-Com- reruns. Use the word of Indulgence to end this zombiehood. Next time you find yourself sinking into a gray numbness, remember -- "I am here and I deserve better for I become as a god." Exquisite pleasures and legal perversions will bring life back to you. If you practice Indulgence to replace sleep, the red energy of life will pulse through you. Sleeping Beauty needs that kiss before she can wake up and be Queen.

6. Detach yourself from the natural order by ending guilt.

Before we became a Satanist the enemies strongest tool was guilt. Guilt undercuts every individual thought/speech/action. Guilt is the promoter of group -think, because it tests everything against the group standards (perfect for the communistic/collectivist flavor of the old religious orders). Because we are under the programming of the old religious orders, we are prone to guilt, at best a time waster and at worst a roadblock to our Work. When you feel yourself falling into guilt, try using a magical motto to redirect your energy. I use, “If this action does not further my Great Work/Magnum Opus, my next action will overshadow this one. I pay no homage to gods outside myself." As you progress on the Left Hand Path (LHP) you will unfortunately find those who have brought guilt with them. Whereas these people may develop their magical powers apart from the natural order, they will never fully enter into Selfhood. If you have a great deal of trouble with guilt, large doses of Nietzsche, Redbeard, or La Vey may be in order.

7. Detach yourself from the natural order with time games.

The calendar, the clock, and the computer have traditionally belonged to anti-individual entities. The Catholic Church, with its cycle of fasts and feasts and year of endless symbolism, stole time from the European people long ago. The Church of Satan began the reclaiming of time by declaring o f one's birthday as the supreme holiday. It's no coincidence that the flex time and work-at-home concepts have come in with the New Aeon. Begin to arrange your own life as much as possible by your schedules (and vary those lest you come up a different box of dead time). As you do things by your own time – look upon the mindless world bustling along to the ticktock of the previous age. Feel yourself -- your individuality. And in that sharp joyous moment of self awareness you will have begun to feel Satan.


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