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Fun MMORPGs (A reference)

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Fun MMORPGs (A reference)

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:06 pm

Obviously, being a Satanist comes with some stress, and to relieve this I like to watch chiller movies and play violent online games Razz
Here is a list(descending order based on my personal opinion) of games to try out...

1.Dungeons and dragons:
A nice, hi-res RPG, with elegant graphics and nice storyline(3d)

2.Lord of the Rings online:
Another high res RPG, not so much my favorite due to lack of magician classes, acceptable UI.(3d)

A game, with ALMOST good UI(Quite different from the above two games), but with a nice storyline(I'm guessing, considering it's story based.)(3d)

Hope this helped!


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