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Legal Rights #1

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Legal Rights #1

Post by LossoCelo on Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:02 pm

Well don't you all just hate those neighbors that steal your shovel during one of the worst storms of the year? Well so do we... Here's something you can do to get the fucker back.

1. Make sure you know the fucker that stole it alright, this is the most jerkish move you can do without getting in to much trouble. (This is also a good joke to play on your friends when they piss you off.)

2. Get a snow blower. (You can do it with a shovel but it will involve a ton more work, and time. If they catch you they'll chase you off trust me : P)

3. Find a large lump of snow made by plow trucks or that they did personally themselves. It's more of an insult if they did it themselves, but a plow pile will work too. OR you can even be civil and shovel their sidewalk(Which is legally supposed to be shoveled anyways, so if they yell at you, or even get the cops involved{Cops will laugh too don't worry} Just tell them you were following the law and cleaning the sidewalk)

4. Blow/Throw the snow onto there car, run to their neighbors house when their about to get in the car.

5. Get a beach chair set up in the snow and enjoy the show : ).

Punching the idiot out is illegal, and we must all remember, satanists MUST be law obeying citizens(To a point...). Thereby I must encourage you to use legal ways of pissing people off. So here is legal rights #1, I'll post some more for you soon : ).


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Re: Legal Rights #1

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:56 pm

I like this one. Or you can hide thier newspapers. As long as it is not in thier mailbox your fine. Just pick it up and hide it in thier yard.


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