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The Xian bible

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The Xian bible

Post by LossoCelo on Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:49 pm

Now this question came up at an earlier time. I'd like to address it briefly.

The question was that the Christians use many things in their bible that relate to commonly used words here. It was questioned if these were legitimate or not. Yes certain parts of the bible are fact, but the actually capacity of this fact is questionable. When I first started studying Satanism, I too had to question that. The Xians had to base their beliefs off of something, so they simply changed the meanings of pagan religions and threw it in a book saying WORSHIP THIS EVIL. For example, the translation between Christmas and Yule, they simply changed it and added stuff.

In my study of dreams, I learnt something about the different religions that exist today. Almost all of them derive from the ancient beliefs. Although the Xians will lie left and right, they could not banish the true gods from society because the demons still held some power in the minds of people. Regardless of the fact they were stripped of their power, it was impossible to erase the memory of them.

Trying to say everything in the bible was wrong, is just like saying you were never born. In fact there is much knowledge that can be learnt by studying their petty lies. They have made a fool out of them self for 2000 years now, and little by little their lies are destroyed. The newer Xians are slowly starting to realize their lies, and they're bible slowly adapts back to the true beliefs. I personally have a study in their beliefs and I can point out where they lie very easily, if you feel the need to disbelieve all of their beliefs, you are well encouraged to do so. Though there is a lot you can learn about your own belief, simply because they do not deny the fact that our father is the true god. They just twist his actions, and give a very dramatic worthless version of it.

Now most of you will question me because I've told you this. I encourage solo studies, and I encourage the advancement past what I can offer you, so please I do not beg you to stay. This forum is simply a gather of people so that you can advance faster to the point you no longer need it. The point where you can teach those who are to come next. Understand that as you read through this.


Hail Satan and the gods of hell.
We made our attempt.


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Re: The Xian bible

Post by LucifugeKaiser on Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:13 pm

I have grown up studying their book and have deduced that it has been written in such a ambiguos manner that anyone could take it into whatever perspective they wish to prove themselves right. Thats why I can never go back. Well, at least one of the many reasons, but that was the first one that pulled me out of that program.

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