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Post by LossoCelo on Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:17 am

I am starting to utilize the Rank system given to us. Here are the ranks and their meanings. The members in the rank will be listed underneath with how they got there.

Ambassadors - These people come as representatives from sites that we've set up a friendship with. They also use the forum as they please, and may come and go as they wish, but they will continuously maintain respect in the forum. (Yes it says sponsor but this is because it was the most fitting one.)

---> HG - The owner of He was the first to accept this forum as being legitimate and will hold respect as the first ambassador.

Privileged members - These members have exclusive access to certain parts of the forum that not all members do. They should be very respected for this reason.

---> Mac Friday - A member in the Joyofsatan e-groups. I am told he holds some rank there, though I do not follow the e-groups so I personally would not know. He is given access to the Sermons section so that his knowledgeable posts may be kept safe and viewable at all times.
---> Lucifers Warrior - This member is a former moderator, there was a slight issue and temporarily he is without this rank, but he retains the respect of us all for his help in the advancement of this forum. He is still given most moderation privileges, with the exception of a few.

Respected members - These members simply have 50+ messages. However there is a secondary one as well for people who simply spam messages to attain this rank. It's called troll, and 90% of the time you'll simply be banned for it. I will not list these members because it will rapidly change.


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