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Surprise Forum Down

Post by LossoCelo on Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:23 am

I apologize if you were trying to explore the forum as it went down just a minute ago. I ran into a slight oopsie that the forum wasn't exactly ready for. I'm probably going to be configuring the forum for the rest of the day before it's ready for that. As of right now I'd expect to see that update tonight or tomorrow, depending on how well I can do this stuff. There's been several updates to the forum today, and there will be more to come before I'm done today. Please if you notice something wrong I beg you to tell me in a PM or in the discussion area.

Thank you,

(By the way everyone. The forum will be under maintenance from 10:35-11:35 PM EST and possibly longer. Please PM ONLY if you have questions or concerns on this.)

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