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drowning in tears

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drowning in tears

Post by Demonchick on Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:25 pm

Life comes crashing down around us, like dust in the wind its all swept away,
Impossible to restore to its former beauty, helplessly i try to fix it
The fragments dont fit together,
And im left alone in the night,
My wrists are bloodstained from the knife called lies,
 And my wails echo across the land,
 Carrying my sorrow to all who hear,
Crying in the night
Drowning in tears...

Until I found out the truth,
Whole now that Iv found Lucifer and all his wisdom,
No more grievances, grotesque thoughts,or enemys who try to demean me,
My past lives have shown how I can fight, past battles fought and won,
With the help of my Creator Iv shattered those who oppose his will,
Who dare stand against a satanist with their sword drawn and shield raised?
No battle to big,no enemy to strong for those of us who fight with a cause and the Gods of hell on our side
Leave them drowning in tears...(I hate not having a ending that doesn't match a line in the first half... I don't care if it doesn't really line up haha)


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