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My sincere apologies

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My sincere apologies

Post by LossoCelo on Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:46 pm

I would like to apologize for not being here to break up the things that happened over the weekend and maintain a middle man for it, I was very busy and I was only even in my state for about half of it. My group of friends has a section down in Mass that we went to visit for a brief time then we had some stuff to handle down towards boston and it resulted in me being fairly inactive this weekend.
I'd like to state I am extremely displeased with the In-fighting that took place during my absence. I have warned 2 people about it, and I am looking for the other people that took part in it. The issues seemed to have been sparked by one member and he was given a separate warning specifically for that.
Because of this I am now scripting standard procedures for my moderation team to follow in my absence. I had not done so this far because I thought knowing that we all share the same belief... We could at the least be civil in our disagreements. Clearly this is not the case though and as a result the laws of the land will be clarified to assure stricter following of site rules. As many of us already know we have sparked an argument with the host site and this has also been taking up some of my time to resolve the issue while we still keep the forum. I DO NOT need addition heat from them because we cannot agree with things.
If you received 1 or more warnings today, the next time you break these rules it will result with a 7 day suspension no exceptions.

Thank you and I apologize again,

Hail Satan and the gods of hell.
We made our attempt.


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