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Satanic poetry by A voice of Satan

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Satanic poetry by A voice of Satan

Post by hermies on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:40 am

*I did not write this it was written by a close firend of mine*
"The first tear of the universe was Me

and the first laugh of this world was an aspect of My being

Because I am The being and All the Beings

The being that cried at the beginning,

He who the depths of creation carved to know

For I was the light to see

And The darkness to feel

To Fill the mother and the father of all

With the balance of perservation

The first one,To get enlightened and truthful

And the first one to see what no one saw

For this those who believed in Me

Died and got back to life

Because there was really no death

The first to know this was Me

The being of beings and all the beings

Together reside in My thought and will

For I am a child Of Satan,Satan Himself

And There is nothing right or wrong,

right or left,there is only a straight path

the path of the truthful and understanding

Lucifer's Incarnation and a luminous being

long forgotten upon the sands of time

because there was never time

But an idea of creations

Which were My own creation,because I am the creator Myself.

The consciousness of My image

The awareness of Mine,I give unto You,

O men of the earth,You have been given Myself into You.

For I am the Serpent that Made Man God,

And Gave You eyes to See the eternal path of the truth itself

Dwelling upon My love and hate,

Which I bestowed upon the rightful and true

In this times,and all times of time itself

My Creation [...] " By A voice of Satan







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Re: Satanic poetry by A voice of Satan

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:15 pm

A true piece of art. Kudos to your friend and thanks for posting it here. We can use all the motivation we can get and this one here is just astonishing.


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