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Sermon: common mistakes by A voice of Satan

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Sermon: common mistakes by A voice of Satan

Post by hermies on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:49 am

*I did not write this. It was written by a very good friend of mine*
llo,and Thank You for reading This sermon.I'm not a High priest,or Priestress,I'm an individual Satanist,

And I write This sermon,To encourage our Brothers and Sisters,

to Strenghthen them,In the face of Opposition that We are all facing.

Recently,I had Gone through Trials,Tests of Character,Tests of Trust In Satan.We all experiance these Things daily,and We all Live and adventurous,Dangerous and Rewarding Life,With Satan.

We have our Times of Perfection,Our times of Doom,Our times of confusion.Times we Feel and have a glimpse in Truth,and times of disorientation and loss.

Today,I'm here to tell You,You can change this.You can change Your own Life.As I told You before,I have gone through some serious transformation,On Body,Soul,Mind and Intellect.

My relationship with Father Satan,My Guardians,Myself...Has been tested to an extent.I had oppurtunities to face The enemy,To have My kundalini experiances,to come closer to Satan,and most of All,Get to know Myself.

Power,Will only come through wisdom.The path of wisdom,Is the path of Truth.The more You work On Yourself,and for Satan,The most You are helped,Protected and of Importance To Him.The rewards are indeed Countless.

As a Satanist,I did many mistakes.I asked once In a ritual To see all these mistakes In My life.Some of these , we are blatantly shown of.

I have been shown My mistakes/Experiances,and I want to put them on public,So that people that I share them With,Can know What these mistakes can lead to.

Change these TODAY.Right now,Chose to Destroy their grip.Stand For Yourself.It may be a bit Generalized,but It will surely Give You an Idea or Find Yourself lying on one or more categories.Don't be afraid to Correct Your Mistakes.Don't let anyone keep You from It.

Learn from them,and use them for Your Own Good.


Boredoom : Boredoom is indeed a big ass mistake,and an enemy trap.Boredoom can result in the complete destruction of Someone.I remember once,I was "Bored" and let things for tommorow.Tommorow It was too late.Later is always too late.Do what You have to do now.

Most of the attacks I have experianced,and believe Me,were frightening,Were because I was bored,and "would do that Later" attitude.Change this now,as This can prove Fatal to Your Spiritual journey.


Indifference : Many Satanists don't realize We're on war.They behave and demand things from Satan,thinking We live on peace.They are too bored to fight for Satan,and to Help our Father.I was very deep on that one for a time.Satan does things for those Who do things for Him.

Fight For Satan today,give People the truth they need.Help our brothers in Need.You will be rewarded,Not Only from Satan,but from Your own self also.


Lack Of Meditation : I know Satanists Who don't meditate Daily.This is a big Mistake,and can lead to Your end to say the least.Start Meditating DAILY,Every morning.Have a simple routine.Control Yourself on that one,And believe Me,after 2-3 days,You will automatically notice results in Everything.Especially,Motivation is built with Time,So give it time.Meditation Will put You onto a higher vibration and therefore,You will unlock Your Powers,have a better life,Things will Go Your way,Feel Satan's essence inside Us,See and Hear the Gods...Believe Me,the benefits are way too many for only 15-30 minutes daily.Just think about It.

PS.Don't forget to work on Your Kundalini.


Assuming : I know many people who assume things.Assumption is the cause of all fuck ups,A wise HP told us (Information from Enki).Assumptions about Satan,Yourself,and The Gods,are not a part of Satanism.In Satanism we have reasoning and facts,Not assumptions and doubt.Always ask Satan if You have doubt/Our You want Your assupmtions corrected/answer Or whatever.Don't stay assuming things,and don't let doubt plague at anything.Father Satan and the Gods are HERE to answer our questions and Light up Our Souls by giving Us Knowledge.


False Knowledge : Sometimes I have noticed,People tend to mix things out for Themselves.This is a very special occasion,And mixing Of Information Should ONLY be done after Satan's Approval And guidance.Meditation is essential to know error from Truth,So be aware.

Discerning information can be difficult,so be always aware.Most knowledge right now,is supressed,lost,and half lie half truthful.


Believe Everything They see : Most of Us,See Beings on Our meditations,And We get contacted By Demons now and then.Sometimes the extreme need to know Satan and the Gods,can make up our own wonderland and our own stories/imaginations.BE CAREFUL OF THAT ONE.THE ENEMY TAKES ADVANTAGE OF IT,AND -WILL- exploit You if You have this Vunerability and You're easily convinced.


Disbelief : Disbilief,Varies.As I told You above,In Satanism we Work to evolve into Godhead,And to fullfill Satan's intention and Desire.This is not an easy path.Disbelieving Yourself,Satan,The Demons is Not going to Help at anything.Disbelief is a major weapon the enemy uses to turn us against Satan.A very played trick they do on disbelief?They are trying to convince Us sometimes,We are alone,That Satan has left us,That We are helpless,Etc.Take care of Disbelief,destroy it right and Trust in Father.


Turning The other cheek : This is a MAJOR thing.Turning the other cheeck,Will only result in Your own damnation and supression.There are times We cannot react,And I am aware of This.But I'm ALSO aware of the fact,That WE CAN ASTRALLY FIGHT BACK.DONT TAKE ABUSE,TAKE WHAT IS YOURS TODAY.Don't be Afraid to destroy.DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES TODAY,Not tommorow.I have let enemies live,and I regret it today.They come back as monsters ready to consume Me.Justice is ESSENTIAL.


Not Using Your Powers : I have did that for a LONG Time.I was convinced for a reason,that IF I use My powers,I do get weaker.WRONG.

The more You use Your powers,the stronger they become.Work on them and they are going to get extremele strong.Test on xians,on the opposite gender,On Yourself.On everything You need changed/Created/Destroyed.You have the power to do anything.Train it.


Blaming themselves/Self Hatred : I'm uber serious on that one.Okay,At some shitholes We fall by ourselves.But At most shitholes the enemy causes this.Although,By acceptance of some situations,We fall so deep to these holes.You can rise Up and fight Back TODAY,NOW.You can step out of It.Blaming and Hating Yourself for Your mistakes,or deeming Yourself "Unworthy" "Unclean" "Weak" and "Unable to fight back" Will PUT YOU TO AN END VERY FAST.With little effort,YOU CAN CHANGE THIS NOW.DON'T HATE YOURSELF FOR MISTAKES.HATE MISTAKES.Don't be punishing to Your own self.The Enemy is the punisher,Not Our Gods.(They tried to play Me on this a long time ago).


Loss of Logic : What will save You from 80 % Of the whole enemy attacks?Simple reasoning and logic.I cannot count the times,that the enemy tried to convience Me , Playing with My emotions , making things seem confusing ,and many other bullshit tactics.A cold and Sheer Sense of Logic and Reasoning,Will wipe up the enemy.Remember Always that feelings can be Manipulated.Be Based At logic in the Face of opposition.Remember Also,that logic got us with Satan,And free from the enemy.I'm not speaking on Logic and reasoning that brings disbelief.Be careful.Keep in Balance.


The above paragraphs are some of the tactics and things the enemy exploits/does to destroy us everyday.They reflect My own sense of perception,and to make it clear,they use similiar Methods to each one of us,But not the same.

-In the Name of Satan

Hail Satan!

Hail Enlil!

Hail Astaroth!

Hail Azazel!

Hail Paimon!

Hail Asmodeus!

Hail The Bes!

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