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Worry makes you vulnerable, calm down.

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Worry makes you vulnerable, calm down.

Post by LucifugeKaiser on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:15 am

There is something that all of us must eventually learn. When your new, you can easily get frustrated. I have found the common reasons for this being that a newcomer may feel very tense or they associate seriousness with being tense. If you feel wound up like I have, it's alot harder to access the dark half of your brain, where the magepower resides. We must take the things we do seriously, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy life and have fun to the greatest extent. In fact, you should most likely do this, it's probably good for you (and by probably, I mean it IS). Through all of this, it may take time to differentiate between being serious and being tense, but when you find it, it is a great release. I can't tell you how to walk your path, but I know that sometimes it's hard for newcomers to figure out what they need to do. Keep an open mind, analyze and improve little by little. Don't worry so much would be my best advice. Tenseness makes you vulnerable to alot of stress which can hinder spiritual growth.

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