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Enemy Rank 4: Westboro Baptist Church

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Enemy Rank 4: Westboro Baptist Church

Post by Dante Satanas on Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:06 pm

Many of you have heard of this group that calls itself a "church" when in reality they are just a family led by one over zealous Fred Phelps Sr. They are the people most of the world wants to drop dead. I have known of them for quite some time, but I figured they would just disappear on their own. I've noticed that they have been growing though. They used to be just a local group in Kansas, but recently they have been staging their hate filled protests nation wide, and they have even tried to go international.

They picket many things with signs that read "god hates fags" and stuff like that. Their most hanis crime though has to be picketing the funerals of dead soldiers. In my opinion disrespecting the dead is the worst thing anyone could ever do, disrespecting someone who gave their life to keep our freedsom is the absolute worse thing that is possible.


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