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Subject: December: Bullying

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Subject: December: Bullying

Post by LossoCelo on Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:55 pm

I do know I have an honor to avoid making posts in here, so everyone who decides to keep up with the Sermon section, I will choose 1 topic a month, and that will be a no bullshit post, with a topic that should be addressed to better both satanists and the world in general. My topics will not be a simple rant as so far I've read from the moderation team.

Few people currently know that if you have something you'd like posted on the sermon section, you may contact 1 or all of the mods, they will discuss it and should it pass it will be given to Lossidian and he will post it here.

Alright so my topic for December, is clearly this bullying/cyberbullying matter. First of all I'd like to point out that Cyber bullying is nothing but idiots making a myth to get a good lawsuit going. There is nothing in cyberbullying that is a harm to the individual, unless s/he takes it seriously, in which they should not be on the internet in the first place. The only reason Cyberbullying has so much publicity is, well we all know the news has a tendancy to sensationalize things, they overdid it with that. Now someone who has taken government issued classes about the mind argue that it causes suicide. I've had a lot of studies from many people, and books to understand that 97% of those suicidal people, also had one hell of a fucked up life. Examples given, Parental abuse, rape, loss of a loved one, or witnessed a murder, and the list goes on. It was not cyberbullying that caused this, the possibilities are endless on what happened. The suicide could have been Post-traumatic stress, prolonged undiagnosed depression that was struck by an event, flashbacks because of something said, and that continues.
The myth of cyber-bullying has pissed me since it became as popular(After it had a MAJOR air over the news) to the law as it is now. Now above all, the schools of this country believe they have the PERMISSION to get involved in it. I will tell you this now, if the school gets involved with the matter it's infringement of your privacy, and infringement closed door rights. Both of them say that what happens at your house IS THE HOUSE OWNERS issue. I apologize to those of you who think you've been cyber bullied, but for 1 satanists are not supposed to show fear, thereby bullying should be of no effect to you anyways.

Bullying on the other hand does have some logic behind it to why it's bad. Though I will still state to why it is over-rated. In history every person is bullied at at least one point in life. Suicides occur mainly around large cities with underfunded schools, when bullying first becomes an issue 99% of people will try to go to administration to try to fix it. It's a VERY unknown fact that I was severely bullied as a younger kid so I know first hand what bullying is. As life went on it slimmed down as I slowly converted from Christian to Toltest, and I learned that their beliefs (VERY similar to Satanism for those who are curious) help to ignore bullying, and make it go away using force where necessary, and understanding where it's needed. The Christian belief does not teach about this balance, it encourages you to be violent, this causes more bullying then anything.
Most people at this point know that I was a Toltest for 3-4 years before even learning satanism was an individual belief outside the Christian churches. I believed it was just people trying to look cool and act tough. Now I sway between the Toltest laws and the satanic beliefs, both of which promote the ability to advance in your life. This is a satanic forum though so if you want someone to explain toltism you can privately message me. Now I've been satanist for about 6 months.

To sum this up I guess I am going to explain what you can do to make society better. Go to your local governors, with petitions, gain support and have him/her force the schools to respect the privacy laws given to us by our ancestors, to step down from cyber-bullying and allow it to return to the way it used to be. There's this thing schools tell you about bullying, if you ignore it long enough, it goes away, but they do the exact opposite about it, it's a proven fact that the more publicized subject, ALWAYS occurs more often then something that receives little to no attention. And the issue normally never becomes big until the media gets it's hands on it. I promise you, as soon as the media steps out of bullying, the issue will decrease gradually. The media was only created to show us how we NEED to view the world so the government can maintain power and influence. Even when you don't see it directly.

(Need proof, look up military propaganda. Which was used far before the radio was available to the public.)


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