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GRIME-CORE (CD)....psych psycho........

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GRIME-CORE (CD)....psych psycho........

Post by DEMNLVER on Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:58 pm

1: Intro
2: Pizzaface feat. Mach One
3: Groundchuck feat. Mach One
4: Dungeon Magic feat. Grime Dirge
5: Arthur Shawcross
6: Bun Bundy
7: Dennis Rodman
8: Mr. Mime
9: Slave feat. Eva Dominatrix
10: Coke Slurpee
11: Inequable
12: Ill Chita
13: Satanic Resolve
14: Slaves
15: I Hope You Know
16: The New Age Terror
17: Dean Corll feat. Mr. X, Grime Dirge and Loonacy
18: Outro
19: Necro Diss



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