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Post by LossoCelo on Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:28 pm

Alright, so over the weekend I was searching for other forums and other sites to look at and see some of the things they do so that I might have some ideas with what I can do to push this forward into an advancement. I learned that google has a remove from searchlist, why I was suddenly slightly angered, is the first time I'd ever seen it... Was on Satanism. Then I figured maybe it does it for all things considered religions, because of all that politically correct bullshit that goes through the news all the time. That failed after Christians was a top search and had no remove, same with Jewish, Muslim, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.. You may try this all for yourself. Though from wikipedia I learned something fairly interesting, and I do have to thank google for finding me that both founders of google are Jewish, though not all that surprising.

(NOTE: This is not my monthly sermon, this was simply something I found and thought all of you should know about.)


Hail Satan and the gods of hell.
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