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Updates for 1-3-11

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Updates for 1-3-11

Post by LossoCelo on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:50 am

Categories added -
New to Satanism ~ For new satanists
Spiritual ~ Self explanatory
Archive ~ Administrator section to make an archive of all things that have happened on the forum and who created the idea for them, for all users to see.

Forums added -
General Discussion: Suggestions ~ UlisterAndras
Forms of Art: Dark Poetry ~ Demonicvanguard
General Discussion: Visitors ~ Lucifers Warrior
New to Satanism: Questions ~ Demonicvanguard
Spiritual: Ritual ~ Demonicvanguard
Spiritual: Meditations ~ Demonicvanguard
Archive: Update ~ UlisterAndras
Archive: Newsletters ~ UlisterAndras

Changes to Forum -
Textbox was changed to grey due to the inability to see user names while searching to create a new PM.

Moved Forums -

Bans/Unbans -

Hail Satan and the gods of hell.
We made our attempt.


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