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First ever newsletter: Date forgotten

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First ever newsletter: Date forgotten

Post by LossoCelo on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:59 am

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I thank the few people who have already registered, and given this forum some hope.

This is Ulister sending out satansarmy's first newsletter. Yes it is extremely basic, I will work on a default code later on. I'd like to address just a couple things for you all for the general reasons of knowledge.

People have questioned the security of this forum, I'd like to make this very known. This forum is as secure as you make it. By default your email does not show up ANYWHERE, except to an administrator(For banning reasons). Even moderators are not allowed access to your email, the only way someone can get your email is by you telling them. All information YOU post on the forum is optional, Moderators and Administrators are the only ones allowed to see your profile, creating information you put there invisible to the world.

Administrators currently include me and Lossidian, and are unlikely to go any further then that. The reason this board was created, was purely so users could talk amongst each other, without the worry of being hacked left and right or worry about Jews, Christians, and the other religions interfering with your rights for religious freedom. I will step down as forum administrator before I jeopardize your safety on this forum.

On a better note, I have been working on adding things to the forum, such as the new Sermon section. Though you must message a moderator or admin for your stuff to be posted there, (As I'm told the E-Groups do). If you have any suggestions for the expansion of the board, you may message me on the board, I'm UlisterAndras, you can find my name by clicking the Cyan colored Administrator group towards the bottom.

Multiple members have noted that the forum login was a black on black typing, which made it difficult to see anything. This has now been fixed, I was working on it last night and found the solution. You will now write White on Black(White was the only color I could think of to show up well on black). I hope this works better for the people, the same thing has been applied to when your trying to post a topic or reply.

Thank you for reading,

- UlisterAndras

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