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Newsletter - 1/5/11

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Newsletter - 1/5/11

Post by LossoCelo on Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:39 pm

Greetings Everyone,

I'd like to start out by apologizing to everyone because it's a day late on sending this. I passed out yesterday before I could send it. So yea, this is yesterday's newletter a day late. I am still working on making a fancy version of the newsletters so they look nice as I had promised in the first sent newsletter. Oddly enough writing html for newsletters is slightly harder then writing it for a website. Only certain emails accept certain codes I'm being told... But whatever I'll continue work on it and let you guys know when it's ready via forum.

We created a section of the forum called forms of art. This is for everyone to submit their own art, favorite bands(Or even a band their in), and just recently one of my moderators suggested there be a Dark Poetry section to it too, this is there now and serves basically the same meaning as the first 2, but instead poetry.

I'd like to congratulate Wynter for being the Lunar member. Whether he remains on the forum or not is purely up to him, but his position should at the least be remembered. We all know the moon runs 13 cycles in a year, and there by that's how he received the name, being the 13th member.

There was supposed to be a section on the newsletter regarding the sermon section, but I think most of us understand what it is, and I forgot what I was going to say...

There was a large forum change but I found that people thought the navigation was a little to difficult to understand. This is gone now, and I apologize for the confusion. The forum is returned and we should soon have a banner.

Now. The answer you may have been wondering, why yesterday??? What made it so special??? The moon cloaked the earth with darkness last night, it was a new moon. As far as I've looked having the newsletter on new moons will allow less disruption to your activities then the other phases of the moon. In addition, I grew up to be taught that the dark is a sign for silence, time where you should be peaceful. All this adding together made the new moon ideal for the forum newsletter.

That's all I can remember I needed to speak to you all about,


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